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Changing Seasons…I love Autumn. It is the perfect blend of fresh, clean smelling air with just the tiniest hint of that nip at your nose just around the corner. We live in front of a man made lake that is a popular resort for our globe trotting Canada Geese. The show is spectacular.  Every evening around 7:00 they arrive filling the sky above our home with literally thousands of very loud honking geese.  Our poor neighbour who is brand new to our street ran terrified out to the road last evening wondering what calamity had befallen our quiet suburban street.  Her mouth dropped in awe as she beheld the wonder in the skies.  The rest of us have become used to it…..it’s predictable every spring and every fall. They come. Then, they go.   A pattern unchanging in nature.  Yet, is this season not about change?  The perfect blend of that which is constant and predictable coupled with the ever changing transformation in colour as the world sheds its wardrobe in front of our awe filled eyes.

Changing Seasons at Mont Tremblant Quebec

Changing Seasons at Mont Tremblant Quebec

My husband and I made a journey last week to the beautiful mountains of Quebec.  We have long loved escaping to Mont Tremblant and are never disappointed at the beauty and majesty of our God’s creative handiwork.  Our first destination…..The Gondola!   Up the mountain we went in search of a view unlike anything I have ever seen.  The first few minutes were jaw dropping as reds and oranges and bright gold colours mingled with the sounds of bubbling brooks and water rushing down the mountain.  Then we stopped!  Not even a third of the way up, everything ground to a halt.   I’ve always wondered what this would feel like and being the adventerous spirit that I am, didn’t mind it a bit.  In fact, we thought it was kind of fun hanging there!!  Then, it wasn’t so fun.   It was hot and clammy and getting me slightly dizzy will all the swaying.  We relaxed however, and since we didn’t seem to be moving any time soon, I began to plan all manner of scenarios.   I wondered if they would get a fire truck to get us out and how would I squeeze through that tiny window…and… WHAT IF I GOT ON THE NEWS!!!!   I’d be that famous woman pulled from certain tragedy just in the nick of time.  It was all getting very exciting.  Then I remembered in times like these,  people must call their mother.  I quickly grabbed my Blackberry to say whatever it is we say to mothers in times like these.  My mother lost it.   Call 911 she screamed.  Then she told me all three of my sisters would have fainted by now.  Why haven’t you fainted??!!   I didn’t get the fainting gene I replied.  Secretly I was glad I had my father’s adventureous spirit at that moment.  Then she yelled JUMP!   Jump??!!   Where was I going to jump and better still where was I going to land.   I decided at that moment no one should ever call their mother when hanging in the air over a very large mountain.  I promised my mum I would see her again and quickly hung up the phone.

Being stuck evokes emotion.  So does change.  However,  I have decided in gondolas and in life, if there is a mountain to climb, a vision and goal to be reached, character to grow in, and the beauty, majesty and glory of my Father to find…..I’d best keep moving.  Upward.

It may appear slow sometimes. It may even come to a grinding halt.  But, mountains and gondolas and life itself have taught me two things. We don’t stay there, and, we  do not faint.  Change and growing is not for the weak of heart but rather for those who have set their eyes and hearts to the journey and have purposed that God is calling us onward and upward till by faith we see the wonder and beauty of His unchanging face.

We here at Nationside Church are on a journey.   Our course has not been set by the ideas and revelations of man, but by the gentle nudge and leading of the One whom we have chosen to follow. We left our home last year.  A home that many were married in.  Many also brought their children to be dedicated and taught and raised in the company of a loving congregation in that building, and, for others,  their loved ones had been committed to Jesus in Home going services in the shelter of its walls.   This changed provoked many emotions, not all easy.   I remember our last service as we huddled around the front of the church in a building that had been stripped of all but the chairs we sat on.  It was emotional, however; what prevailed was the joy and the hope.  The joy in remembering the faithfulness of God who though the way at times seemed stopped and indeed stuck, never ever failed.  And most importantly,  in those moments was the hope that shone in our hearts as we began another phase in our church history.   We left behind only a building.  The true church were the people who have now embraced a hope, a dream and a promise, and, are eager and willing to make it happen!


Our church family now extends our hearts and hands inviting you to travel with us.  As you browse our new website you will see faces and names and activities and ministries that God is birthing in our midst.  It’s exciting!  The view is spectacular!  Hope is growing and together we continue to move upward to reach the unique calling God has placed on Nationside Pentecostal Church.

Come join us….

Pastor Heather