South of the Nations Capital... In the Nation River Valley

Serving North Dundas County & Region

Nationside Pentecostal Church

North Dundas Township

Nationside is a community of faith, a church with a long history of serving Chesterville and outlying areas. We are a warm and loving congregation ready and willing to open our hearts and doors to meet both the spiritual and practical needs of those in our congregation and those outside our doors.

We worship in joy and freedom, give with grateful hearts, love openly and without reservation and place as our ultimate authority the timeless Word of God.

We are thankful for our new facility and pray it will be an instrument of great use and in the spreading of the message of the gospel in Chesterville, Winchester and the greater community of North Dundas.

We are committed to offering a range of programs for people of all ages and levels of spirituality in order to partner with them along their spiritual journey. It is our prayer that you will join us and that we will have the privilege of journeying with you.

Nationside Pentecostal Church Is Located In The…

IDP Group


IDP Group, Former Nestle Plant